Deployment in Batches

Device Management

Remote diagnosis

Deployment in Batches

Before being used, each device should be set in advance by the device managers into different states our customers want. In consideration of slow and laborious manual regulation, some pieces of mobile device management software are supplied by our terminal management system to fast and accurately deploy devices in batches ahead of time in order to more conveniently finish the deployment of devices


hrough NFC, a scan code, Bluetooth, etc.,
synchronizes the configuration of one device to another device quickly
quickly synchronizing the Wi-Fi password and network settings
quickly synchronizing the application installation and scanner settings
quickly synchronizing the system settings


The pre-installed app, if required, can be placed in the designated path of the device and launched. Auto pre-installation will start when the device is booted
 Pre-installed apps can be synchronized by the U-Setting
 Customizable startup application


Users are provided with more options besides common system settings, enabling a more user-friendly and practical experience

Device Management

A device User, just moving his mouth, can finish the comprehensive management of the device through the Urovo Terminal Management System, which mainly includes three dimensions: Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management, and Mobile Content Management
Device recycling does not necessarily mean the end of the cycle, it may also be the beginning of a new cycle. If a device is lost, it can be restored factory setting remotely to erase all data to prevent information leakage

Mobile Content Management

Data security

High-security encrypted transmission is applied from the mobile end to the cloud end to prevent data from being stolen maliciously, and to ensure that important information is protected well

Remote data clearing

In the event that the device is lost or broken, the administrator can remotely erase data and restore factory settings so as to avoid leakage of corporate resources

Enterprise document distribution

Quickly distribute files to devices with one click

Enterprise news push

Push information with one click, convenient and fast

Cloud Service