Merchant Management System with a 360 degrees vision and the possibility of effective planning


Management System 

Whenever a field is being expanded, it is always necessary to be aware of the situation around it in order to identify its problems and issues and to plan and take action to solve them.
In today’s competitive and chaotic world, it is necessary for managers to know what is happening through the organizational processes, and it is necessary to use a proper asset to have a sight on evert corner of their organization. The Totan Merchant Management System, is a fully integrated system that makes it possible to manage acceptors in a bank or payment service provider (PSP).

The development of acquiring tools and a variety of products based on it by banks and payment service providers (PSP) companies has created a fierce competition field over the past decade. This competition has saturated the market and increased the customer’s need for desirable and personalized services day by day. Presenting a distinctive product is not enough any longer to attract customers and it is necessary that all the processes related to these products be presented to the customer with the expected quality.

It is necessar to make sure about the processes to be functional not only as designed, but also as the customer expect it at the customers service point and this requires constant monitoring and supervision.

The customer is always the main capital of the bank and the payment service provider (PSP). Protection and care, monitoring of behaviors and addressing customer needs In addition to the necessity of establishing a customer-oriented and event-sensitive attitude, needs to use an efficient tool that can be constantly monitored to the point of customer service and the quality of the service process.

Merchant Management System

Having the experience of setting up this business from start till now and new information technology tools by comprehensively examining the dimensions of this market and identifying the problems of banks and providing payment services providers. The organization, as well as the aristocracy of the existing laws and instructions, succeeded in presenting a comprehensive solution for acceptors management and has presented it to the market under the brand name “Jaam-e jam” in two banking versions and a PSP company.