M60PW Smart

Windows Terminal 

Dual Screen Smart Terminal with Windows 10 and Linux (Optional) OS.

Thermal Printer (80×80 mm) with cloud connection.

The best solution for retailing in small and medium businesses.

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M60PW is a smart terminal with Windows 10 or Linux (Optional). This device has a dual screen display that can support most of the visual requirements of the cashiers and the costumers, and increase trust and safety between costumers and the stores. This device has many I/O terminals to connect to other devices, and with Windows 10 or Linux (Optional) there’s this capability to use the cloud printing, data monitoring remotely and updating the software.



Through gathering and analyzing the sales data and warehouse management and ordering that can be done by this device, there’s the option to view the analytics results of the data and optimizing your marketing strategies.

High speed printer and

Ample paper roll capacity 

The 80×80 mm [description] printer, eliminates the need to constantly restock the paper roll and this printer with the speed of 220 mm per second and automatic cutting increases sales efficiency.

More application of

Dual screens 

M60PW has equipped with one 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x1080) touch screen display for cashier and another one 11.6-inch display for supporting of the costumers. This provides the option of showing the full information of the receipts and further advertisement to the costumers and it that will increase your earnings.

Cloud Thermal 


The cloud printing option makes this capability to receive orders remotely. This will allow you to properly manage your store. This device uses both normal and cloud printing based on your requirements, and will reduce the cost.


Using many different I/O terminals allow this device to connect to external devices such as cash registers, MPOS, keyboards, mouse, speaker, printer and electronic scales. This will optimize the efficiency of your store, and upgrade your management.

Cost efficiecnt

and Effective 

CPU Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 (2M Cache, up to 2.42 GHz) processor, with 4GB memory RAM and128GB SSD storage and with OS: Windows 10, Linux has created a good foundation for smart retailing.

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