Loyalty Management System, Credit, Point and Discount Management System


Management System 

The customer is always the main asset of any businesses. Attracting, maintaining and deepening customer loyalty has become one of the main challenges of any business. The need to provide loyalty services in the form of credit and points and discounts and creating a customer club is one of the common and necessary methods for all busineeses. The variety of the product and to keep clients highly respected, is a must to use the automation systems.

Providing card based loyality services is very popular these days and one of the requirements for it, is the ease of membership, benefiting from its services at various levels of membership, including normal, privileged, special, and on top them, implementing business policies without human intervention.

Totan Due to its deep and extensive experience in the card and electronic payment field, has provided Loyalty Management System to meet the market requirments. Using electronic cards and the platform of the country’s electronic payment system, Loyalty Management System has provided a special and privileged solution in this field, the use of which will surprise you.

Loyalty Management System Advantages

Customer management system categorised based on the customer, service and goods, and merchants in three forms of credit, points and discounts

Ability to provide services on various electronic payment channels, including POS, IPG, KIOSK.

Ability to provide services using electronic banking and non-banking cards

Integrated and centralized management of all heavenly functions centrally and online (ONLINE)

Ability to define the customer relationship with the group of goods and services in service centers