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This device, with its appropriate size and its many functions, can be used for many different business programs and can provide all of the e-payment and e-commerce requirments of its users, from large sclae retailers to small businesses. With this device you have a cell phone and a POS device all in one.

Cost-efficient and


This device, in addition to Android OS and camera and other facilities a smart phone is capable of, can also do e-payment transactions. With all of that, it is also very cost-effective. Using this device is a unmatched experience.

Different methods of


This device can support all methodes of payments with debit, credit and prepaid cards, can read magnetic, smart and NFC cards; also can be used in Ali Pay, Weechat Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

Stay charged

at all times 

A 3.7 volt, 5600 mAh battery ensures the longevity of the battery life and can provide up to 8 hours of constant high power use without the need to re-charge.


Program Management 

Using Android Mobile Apps and E-Payment Services in one device, makes this device into a valuable tool for all loyality program managment.

Up to any



Powerful battery with fast charging ability, fast printer, support for fingerprint scanners, ability to connect to WiFi or 4G, compatible with sale, accounting, warehouse management or similar application or softwares integrated with e-payment applications, and many more are some of the feautres that make this device into an excellent product.

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