Android POS devices, have ushered a revolution in the world of E-Payment; and their ever-rising influence can be seen on a day-to-day basis.

Totan, as one of the pioneer organisations in electronic payment, offers many efficient models of Android POS devices.

Android Payment Pos 


The 10.1 inch display on this device, provides Multimedia fuctions alongside E-commerce services based on the options provided by Android OS. With Tablet Android Payment Terminal you have a cost-efficient and powerful self service device.


This device, with its appropriate size and its many functions, can be used for many commercial programs and can sustain most of the E-commerce and banking needs of its users, from big wholesale markets to small businesses.

With this device you have a mobile phone and a pocket sized POS all in one.


i9000s is one of the top notch models of Android POS devices. This device, in addition to all the services available in banking terminals, is an industrial PDA with an Android OS. The shock resistence in this device, makes it irreplacable compared to similiar products.